1. can not power on?
Solutions:firstly, check whether the battery has electricity. You can try starting up during charging. If it doesn’t work, you can change another battery. If it is remain unable to work, then there must be some problem in your phone, please send it to the appointed maintaining site! to judge whether your phone is in the signal services area?
Solutions: if you are in the area, there must be signal bars on the top of screen.. the signal bar will be grow or reduce depend on the signal strength. Normally, only have signal bars can you make a phone.   

3.what can you do when your phone dropping into water?
Solutions: you need take out the battery instantly. Then using soft absorbent paper wipe it up. Next, you’d better send it to local maintaining center as soon as possible, or the mental in your phone will be rusting. Components inside will be damaged. 

4.can not send messages out normally?
Solutions: please making sure the message center in your phone Settings is right. you can consult to the local network operator.

5. how to lock the keyboard?
Solutions: you can operate according to the manual and your phone will instruct you after a wrong operate. Please conform to the instruct of the phone.

6. can I close the keypad tone?
Solutions: absolutely can. You can enter to the menu ,search the audio profile and enter it. through
"Left key and right key" you can switch between keypad tone, ringtones and SMS tones.

7.touch screen is not deviant or react abnormally.
(1) if there is a piece of protect film on screen, please tear it off and you can check is there any thing press on it.
(2)ensuring whether your phone has been locked. Unlock and wake the phone before using it.
(3) during the call , ensuring the distance-sensor on the top of your phone has not been covered(for those phone have distance-sensor). During your call, if the phone touched your ear or have a short distance between them, the distance-sensor will close the backlight and lock the screen automatically.
(4)the software have been opened is too much to keep a prompt reaction. You can close them manually in the phone setting.

8. Sometimes, there is some noise during call. How to judge whether is the problem of phones?
Resolution, it is largely decided by the signal in local at that time., and you’d better make some phone with local friends at different places and time.